Launching Galaxy S10 sales said to be underwhelming, Samsung says otherwise

South Korean sales for Its Samsung Galaxy S10 series have Came and the situation does Not look Good for Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy S10 activations suggest pre-orders were lower than last year’s Galaxy S9, based on The Dow . The Galaxy S9 sales were allegedly a record low for Samsung.

The Investor says there were 140,000 day-one activations for its Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and also S10e, compared to 180,000 for its S9 and S9 Plus, and 200,000 for its Galaxy Note 9.

But, Samsung has contested the claims?

The news reports of this first revenue of the S10 relies on the incorrect stats of the S9 and S10, a Samsung spokesperson informed The Dow .

The reported earnings figure also excluded the components sold through local mobile virtual network operators According to Samsung, the Galaxy S10 earnings are now 1.2 times greater than the S9 show earnings. But, Samsung did not remark on what the actual numbers were.

Why would the Galaxy S10 have sold poorly?
It would not be a total shock if the S10 series was selling less compared to Note 9 or S9; there are plenty of aspects which might have negatively influenced its earnings.

For one, Samsung’s most high powered phone, the S10 Plus, is more costly than any Galaxy S telephone yet, beginning at $999 and going up to $1,599 from the U.S. (it is similarly priced in South Korea).

Folks are also holding onto their telephones more, and because the Galaxy S10 arguably does much of what cameras did last year and the year earlier — albeit a bit better — some may see little need to update.

Critically, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Twist and Galaxy S10 5G together with the new mobiles, upcoming devices offering unexplored potential in online connectivity and design. Some fans may be holding out for all those telephones, despite their even larger price tags.

Regardless, we might need to wait for Samsung’s official earnings breakdown to find a more accurate impression of how they havethey’ve performed on the marketplace.
In case you haven’t checked it out today, do not overlook our Galaxy S10 Plus inspection to learn exactly what we think of this.

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